Monday, 16 September 2013

Box Brownie

To go with the card I showed yesterday, I want to leave a little gift for each of our wedding guests in their room when then check into the hotel on Friday night.

My bridesmaid is a master baker and makes the most amazing brownies which she has offered to make the day before - these are uber brownies and I know will go down a storm.

I decided to make a little box to put the brownies in which would match the welcome card.

I turned to the amazing Sam at who makes beautiful boxes and after watching far to many of her fab You-Tube videos I decided this box fitted the bill.

I missed out the window as I like to build the suspense on what is inside but the other dimensions are the same as in Sam's video.
I'm not 100% happy with it at the moment - what do you think it needs to lift it a bit more?
I'm also a bit concerned that it might be a bit too small - perfect for one peice of brownie but I really want to fit two peices in each.
I'll have a think before making any more but I'm pretty happy with my first attempt, it coordinates pretty well with the card. I'd be happy to check into a hotel and find these waiting for me.


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