Monday, 2 September 2013

Decorating Candles

Our wedding centre pieces are going to be hurricane vases with a candle in surrounded by flowers, a bit like in this picture but with blue and white flowers.

So I decided I wanted to have a go at decorating the candle to tie in with our overall wedding theme so that was yesterday's project.

I bought a cheap pillar candle and then stamped the same pattern as we'd used for our invitations onto white tissue paper. I heat embossed this in both silver and in blue, as this was a tester and I wanted to see which I preferred.

The stamped image is then adhered to the candle by very gently heating it up with the heat tool so that the wax just melts through the paper. It is harder than it sounds and you need to get just the right amount of heat so the wax doesn't drip down the candle.

Anyway - here is the finished result.

I quite like the silver effect, the blue is too light for our colour scheme but I think I'll have another in a navy ink before deciding which I prefer.

What do you think?

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