Saturday, 9 November 2013

Stampin Up UK - Missing in Action!

Stampin Up UK - Missing in Action

Well it has been a little while since I made a blog post. Hopefully you'll forgive me as something quite important happened to me last week - I married my soul mate!

It was the most wonderful day - we had an absolutely fantastic time.

All my crafting went down very well, it was lovely hearing all the comments about the little details that our guests really seemed to appreciate :) Made it all very worthwhile.

We're still waiting for the professional pictures but here are few more our guests took throughout the day.

I'll be back with more crafting soon.


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  1. I know it was four years ago, but I am new to your blogs and had to remark on how beautiful you looked! And all of the crafty things you did for your wedding! where did you get the time?
    I am now a follower and have come back to the beginning, even though I cannot get the sets which are retired, the ideas can be converted to the things which are still available...
    Bye for now, watching all the old stuff as well as the new, Thank you for all of it!