Thursday, 23 January 2014

Stampin' Up UK, Wedding Showcase, Day Two, Seating Plans and Place Cards

Stampin' Up UK, Wedding Showcase, Day Two, Seating Plans and Place Cards

Did you enjoy yesterday's post? I got some lovely messages - thank you all.

Today, I'm going to show you my seating plan and place cards. The seating plan idea came from an idea I saw in a weddings magazine - I admit to becoming a little bit obsessed with buying those, and the place cards evolved from the seating plan!

Rather than just having a list of names for the seating plan, I wanted to use a photograph of everybody. It was quite a challenge getting the right photos! I wanted to use old or funny (and in most cases both) pictures of all the guests. It was actually really lovely to spend time going through old pictures! There were a few 80's mullets and moustaches in there and I also used a lot of pictures of guests on their wedding days, and this went down really well.

Once I'd collected all the pictures, I punched them out using the Stampin' Up Decorative label punch. Many hours were spent at the photo kiosk in Boots, sizing the photos just right so I got a good punched image.

I then strung them up on ribbon layed out in the tables groups using small silver clothes pegs. I think it looked very effective and the feedback we got was excellent. A top tip however, I would stick each of the photos down using a little foam dimensional - I was very hard to transport with the photos just pegged on. The pegs were great for swapping people around so we could get a good balance on each table though but once decided, I wish I'd stuck them down!

As we were giving each of our guests a choice of menu which they picked several months ago, I want to ensure that people remembered, so encorporated the menu choice into the name card and also used a little picture of each guest, again punched out using the decorative label punch. The one above is the MIL's with a photo of her when she was a little girl and the one below is mine, with a picture of little me - just realised we picked the same food, must be a good omen!

They were real talking points when people sat down and as we mixed up our guests quite a lot, so people didn't really know each other on tables, they provided a fantastic ice breaker as this picture shows!

If you would like to make your own stationary for your wedding, I would love to help, please don't hesitate to get in touch! Remember new customers get 10% off their first Stampin' Up order placed through me!

Come back tomorrow for more of my wedding crafting but I'll leave you today with fun photo of my mum and I enjoying the evening party.


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