Monday, 26 May 2014

Star Burst Card for Project Life - Tutorial using Stampin' Up

Star Burst Card for Project Life - Tutorial using Stampin' Up

Thanks for all the nice messages about yesterday's layout I shared. It was lovely to hear that you liked the layout. Quite a few people asked me how I made the star burst rays card in the top right corner - so here is a little tutorial for you.
It is a great way to use up scraps of card stock you might have lying around.
You need to start with a 4 x 6 peice of card or paper and several strips of card in your chosen colours. You can vary the lengths and width or keep them all one length and width if you want a completely uniform look.

Cut the strips in half diagonally and mark the centre of your 6 x 4 card, I find the easiest way is to draw lines from opposite diagonal corners.

Start gluing the diagonal peices to the 6 x 4 card with the pointy bits meeting at the centre.

When you're finished sticking all the peices on to the card, the reverse will look like the below.

Trim off the excess strips down to edges of the 6 x 4 card.
Flip the card over and mount your picture or add your embelishments and it is ready to go in your album. 

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