Tuesday, 12 August 2014

It is nice to be back!

It is too long since I've been able to craft! Life has been hectic recently! I had a two week trip to China and Singapore with work and I've also been to Portugal, London and Switzerland quite a bit recently for meetings. Feels like all I do at the moment is travel.

It was also my daughter's birthday last week, can't believe she is two already. I know people call them the 'terrible twos' but I must say I am loving this age! 

Things seem to have calmed down this week and I am really enjoying being back in my craft room. 

We have a raft of two year birthday parties at the moment, guess that is what happens when all your mummy friends are people you met when you were all pregnant.

This is the card I made for a little boy who is two this weekend. I'm not that experienced at cards for children, in fact Zoo Babies is the only set I have which is children appropriate! 

What do you think?

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