Friday, 13 May 2016

Where's the video Caroline??

I know I had mentioned to a lot of you that I hoped to have a brand new video tutorial uploaded for you today......
I feel a bit like the school pupil who has forgotton their homework but I don't have a video ready to share :(
I have been crafting away for a few weeks now and have a great pipeline of projects to share with you all. It feels soooooooo good to be crafting again. My creative mojo is certainly back. Here is the state of my desk last week to prove it.
I was planning to film these all on Wednesday but when I dug my camera out I could not find the battery charger anywhere - trust me I have spent many hours searching all the usual and unusual place - I do have a three year old so the unusual hiding places have become the usual these days too.
But no luck - it seems to have vanished.
I bit the bullet and ordered a new one from Amazon yesterday which should be here today.
And I should therefore have a video to share with you next week.
Sorry :(
Have a great weekend everybody


  1. Will look forward to it Caroline! You do know that now you have ordered a new charger, the old one will turn up!!

    1. That is exactly what happened - hubby found the old one approximately an hour after the new one arrived - hey ho; at least I have a spare now.

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  3. Eeeek, soo looking forward to another video xx

    1. I should be able to film tomorrow 😀

  4. so glad you're "back" - I've missed your videos.

  5. I'm so glad you're back.I just can't wait for your videos. Take care !