Friday, 19 August 2016

Triangular Christmas Tree Treat Box - Handmade using Peaceful Pines by Stampin' Up

Triangular Christmas Tree Treat Box - Handmade using Peaceful Pines by Stampin' Up

Is it too early for Christmas projects?

Well getting my Christmas craft on got my daughter very excited that Santa Claus would be visiting soon but a few of you have been asking for them, so here we go, my first Christmas project of 2016.

It is a pretty decent sized triangular gift box, decorated using the gorgeous Peaceful Pines stamp set.

It is perfect for filling with chocolates and hanging from your Christmas Tree.

It is really simple to make and I hope you do have a go - the video tutorial is HERE.

If you would like to order any Stampin' Up products click HERE and head over to my online store or get in touch directly, it would be my pleasure and honour to help.

Caroline x x


Card Stock - 10 by 7 inches

Score long side at 1/2, 3-3/4, 6-1/4 and 9-1/2 inches
Score short side at 3 and 4 inches


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