Wednesday, 1 March 2017

I'm running a Card Swap - I'd love it if you joined in?

I've wanted to kick start my card making mojo again for a while - card making is why I fell in love with SU in the first place but recently I've been so focused on 3D projects, card making has kind of fallen off for me. 

As March is also my birthday month, I thought it was a good time to run a Card Swap. 

I would love it if you, my followers, all joined in and we all helped inspire each other.

How does a card swap work - well, I try to explain it in this video HERE, but basically you send me a handmade card, I collate them all and send you a swap from somebody else in return. 

As I want to kick start my own card making, I'll also send you a handmade card of my own, so you'll get two cards back and a little gift from me to say thanks for taking part.

I will also feature the cards on my blog and make a video showcasing them all, so we can all be inspired. 

Would you like to take part?

It really doesn't matter where you live in the world - in fact I'd love to recieve cards from all over the world.

Just send me a message at and I'll send you my postal address - no obligation to take part of course. 

Make sure your cards reach me by 31st March, remember to include your name and address so I know who the card is from and where to send your swaps to but don't write in the card so the recipient can use it.

If you have any question - just drop me a line. 

I hope you enjoy taking part.

Caroline x x 


  1. What a lovely idea Caroline, I'd love to take part. Will send you an email now. xx

  2. I would also love to take part Caroline. I do about 10 swap card groups through Facebook and love doing them. You can end up with quite a few cards to use whenever in need of one quick! :)

  3. I do a lot of swapping with groups on the internet and would love to participate in your swap. I am from California. Thanks for organizing such a fun sounding swap.

  4. hi caroline, I'm from the United state I'm Yolanda can I join , and when will it start please let me know thank you . one more thing I love your video

  5. Hi Caroline! I luv your videos and would love to be part of your swap! This will be my first card swap. I am a new demonstrator with Stampin' Up! and I've done a couple of videos on YouTube. I actually shared your video in one of them because I CASED one of your card holders. Luv it!! Anyway, I'm from Colorado and would love to be part of the swap!
    Claudette's Cards

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  7. Hi Caroline x
    I am an old customer who would absolutely love to say " Happy birthday for the end of March :)) and would also love to take part in your card swap challenge - what a wonderful idea :)
    If you would send me the address info where to go ahead I would happily take part -Yay!! Love Chrissie xxx

  8. I would love to join. Sounds like fun. I am in Gold Canyon Arizona. Waiting for your address.

  9. Hi Caroline, I thinks this is a great idea and happy you are opening it up to where ever you live. I live in the United States and look forward to this. Thanks

  10. Hi Caroline,
    I am so excited to enter my cards for the card swap. I have tried to email you 3 times and it doesn't go through. I composed the email on my gmail account, it just won't send. I will be very disappointed if I can't participate in the card swap -my first one too.
    Please help!!!

  11. As I don't know anything about how to download a card picture or instructions, I'll send you a birthday card. What are your favorite colors? Please send me your address.

  12. I would love to take part in the card swap also please send me your address. my email is

  13. Please count me in...already sent you an email...saying YES, I want to participate! Thank you! Happy Burthday Month!

  14. Hi Caroline.
    Happy Birthday to you and please count me in.

  15. I would like to participate but I'm not sure how long it takes from New Hampshire, US, to the UK! If you think there is time, please let me know at:

  16. I have not had a response to your invitation to swap....I said YES on 3/5/17.....still am game to swap! Thank you!