Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Craft Room Tour Follow Up

I was so nervous yesterday when I shared a video tour of my little crafting space. 

It just feels so small and unimpressive compared to the tours I normally see on YouTube.

Well, what can I say - I have been blown away by the response!

Thank you to everybody who took the time to watch the video and to those who left me a comment on my blog and YouTube.

The continued support you all offer never ceases to amaze me and it really does mean so much.

If you missed the video, you can watch it HERE.

I am especially pleased that I was able to give a lot of people inspiration for their space and to show that you don't need a huge room and as somebody said 'the entire contents of the catalogue' (I can only dream!) to create gorgeous projects.

I know a lot of you asked questions and I will answer them all as soon as I can. 

As always, if you would like to buy any Stampin' Up products, you can shop on line 24/7 in my online shop HERE, or get in touch at and it would be my pleasure to help. 

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Caroline x x


  1. I was very impressed with your craft room. Impressed for two, or at least two reasons. Firstly you have your space organised in a way that seems to suite you very well with everything to hand and you knew where everything was. I wonder with these huge craft rooms how people get anything done with the amount of miles them must need to cover. Secondly you produce such wonderful projects in the space you have. That goes to show it's your talent that enables you to do that and not your craft space. You inspire people from you little space and you can be proud of that. Many thanks to you for that and for all you do. Take care.

  2. What a wonderful space! Not messy with too much "stuff" but definitely not sterile. Setting an excellent example for your daughter by including her (I have seen her on at least one tutorial.) Thank you for sharing!

  3. Caroline, I was in awe.
    I have a craft room in my home. Furnished with all white cabinets, over 300 stamp sets and 24 plastic totes of DSP. Two colour cattys. Etc,etc,etc.
    But I was in AWE of your crafting space as I viewed your video with my morning coffee.

    I had my stamp club ladies yesterday, and could not wait to share your video.
    Even this morning I had to watch it again.
    Because since I found your site, I have been a loyal subscriber and look forward to seeing what goodies you have to share each day. In my mind, I thought you would have one of those "Pinterest" craft rooms because of all the amazing projects you share.
    There is a valuable life lesson to be learned here.
    Today I am downsizing my craft room, begin selling and giving away all my excess and simplify my crafting life.
    Thank you so much for sharing your craft space and amazing example of "less is best"

  4. Caroline firstly I wish there was a like on other comments as they are so true. :) Thanks for sharing your humble space with us. Everything is so organised in such a small space. It's so nice to have your own space to create and what a great use of the space. It was so nice to see you. x

  5. I loved your stamping space! It might be small but you have everything you need and display it nicely. I have a medium sized room but it's under construction and I have no idea how I want it to be. I do like the open shelving concept though so I think I'll have my husband incorporate that aspect. Thank you for all of your lovely tutorials...they are great!

  6. Nice I love this. Very small but very organized. Nice job. I also enjoy your wbe site.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  7. Good Morning Caroline. Thank you for sharing your craft room. And thank you for being a wonderful teacher. Its not your craft room which generates your wonderful projects - it is YOU. You are amazing. The size of the craft room is soooo totally unimportant - it is what comes out of it and your projects are inspiring.
    Hugs: Mal, Melbourne, Australia

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  9. You have an amazing talent and I appreciate you sharing your projects with all of us! I just had to tell you thank you. It's not the size of your craft room that matters - it's the talent you have and your wonderful personality. I'm so glad you shared your craft room tour with us. Most of us don't not have the large, elaborate spaces, so your tour is an inspiration to show us what can be accomplished without having a designer space. I love your posts and never miss any of them.