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This page contains resources to help my team - the SimplyStylishStampers develop their own Stampin' Up business.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Stampin' Up demonstrator and joining my team, please click HERE

Please keep these resources private, for members of our team only, don't share beyond this group.

If there is anything else you would like to see me include here, just let me know.


I use Blogger for my blog, many people prefer Wordpress. Both offer a free version. I would recommend you experiment with both to see which you prefer. 

I have a short video showing how to set up a basic Blogger blog which you might find helpful.

DBWS (Demonstrator Business Web Services)

Stampin' Up offer all demonstrators an online platform called Demonstrator Business Web Services or DBWS for short.
This resource allows you to have an on-line shop through which customers can place orders. It also offers a blogging platform and other functionality like a calender of events.

There is a monthly fee of £8.95 but new demonstrators get 2 months for free if they sign up within 21 days of joining SU. You can cancel at any time, just give Demo Support a call or email.

To set up your DBWS and on-line store, log on to the demo website and then under the Business Resources tab there is a Manage my DBWS option.

Linking to your on-line store

To give a customer a direct link to your on-line store you need to use the following web addess - but make sure you change the last 7 numbers (in red) to your own demo ID, otherwise you are sending customers to my online store, which you are welcome to do of course!

If you would like to link directly to a specific product in your on line store, the web adderess to use is below. You still need to change the red demo ID, but you also need to change the product code in blue. The example is for the Jar of Love bundle.

Host(ess) Rewards

The traditional party plan model of Stampin' Up rewards hostesses with free products when the sales at their party exceeds £150.

You can however also earn rewards on personal orders that exceed £150 too. As would a single customer who placed an order over this amount.

In addition, Stampin' Up also offer some exclusive stamp sets which can only be purchased when sales exceed £150. These are at the back of the annual catalogue and the front of the Autumn Winter Catalogue.

The amount of rewards you earn increases with sales, as shown in the table below. On sales exceeding £400, you can also select an item for half price (but you can't use the hostess rewards to pay for this). The half price item can be a bundle - so you get 50% off the bundle price which is already reduced - a great way to buy more expensive items.

As an example, if you have an order of £420, the hostess rewards would be 14% of £420 which is £58.80 to spend at catalogue value. They would also be entitled to pick one item at half price. 

So if the hostess then chooses £62.30 of product and a bundle which costs £50. She would have to pay £4.50 overage on her rewards spend plus £25 for her half price item.

The good news is that you as a demonstrator still earn commission on the overage and the half price item.

Finally, the hostess, if she wanted, could use the rewards towards buying the Starter Kit. In this case she would pay £40.20 (£99 cost of starter kit less her £58.80 rewards) and be able to pick £135 of products plus she would get a minimum 20% discount on all of her future spend. 

It is a pretty good deal!

Hostess Code

Stampin' Up introduced Hostess Codes to allow friends and family of a hostess place on-line orders which still count towards her party total and therefore the amount they would earn rewards on.

For example if Betty held a party in Manchester but her sister, Alma in Cardiff wanted to order some items, Betty could give Alma the hostess code and she could use this to order on line. The items would ship direct to Alma in Cardiff (she would have to pay shipping seperately) but the order would count towards Betty's Hostess Rewards.

It is worth providing the hostess of any parties you book with her own hostess code and encouraging her to share it along some catalogues with friends and family that can't attend the party in person. 

The other popular way that Hostess Codes are used is to allow the accumulation of unrelated online orders. 

For example in a month you might get 4 on-line orders, each for £100. If these go through individually then there are no Hostess Rewards. However, if each of these customers uses a Hostess Code then the total amount accumulates. The order amount then becomes £400 and they would earn £56 of rewards - enough for a Hostess Stamp Set each.

How do you generate a Hostess Code?

Log on to the demo website and create a WORKSHOP ORDER.

Add yourself as the hostess and then click the Get Hostess Code box.
The code will pop up next to this box and is ready to use once you save and exit the order.

Spring/Summer Catalogue 2016 and Sale-A-Bration

Click HERE to watch my overview video on the new catalogue and Sale-A-Bration.
  •  1st December:
    • Pre-order for the Spring Summer catalogue starts.
    • Pre-earn for Sale-a-bration items starts
    • Eight packs of catalogues can be  ordered
    • Retiring list will be published, a few items that are rolling over are shown at the back of the new catalogue but this is not a full list, more items will carry over.

  • 4th January:
    • New Catalogue and Sale-a-bration starts for customers.
Click HERE to see my new product haul.

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